2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Learning about your audience with Facebook page insights

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2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Learning about your audience with Facebook page insights

Hey everybody, Jeromy from FirmFuel here.

Going through another one of our two minute lawyer marketing videos. I’m teaching you some quick tips every single day on how to market your law firm more effectively.

Today we are going to go into the Facebook ads and pages insights. Specifically, this is relating to your Facebook page and it’s going to give you some data, some really important data in regards to how it’s performing, who your audience is, things like that, so that you can make smart, informed decisions with your marketing and tailor your message to the people that are going to be … that are already engaging and expanding that audience.

We’re on our Facebook page, I’m on the FirmFuel page right here. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to go up to the top here and we’re going to go to this tab called insights. In this insights tab we’re going to see a variety of different pieces of data.

Going through this real quick, there’s a lot in here, but I’m just going to highlight the best ones, or the most important and relevant ones.

Page views. Those are the number of people that have actually gone and viewed the page. Number of page likes post reach. Reach is the number of people that have seen a post on your page. One really important thing to notice that reach is not the same as impressions. If I saw your ad twice, that would be two impressions, but one reach. If my friend and I each saw your ad once, that would be two impressions and two reach. Reach is the unique number of people.

Engagements. Number of [inaudible 00:01:39], that’s likes, comments, shares. Page followers, that’s the number of people that actually follow.

You can go down and look at your boost post and promote your call now button, if that’s something that’s interesting to you. You can learn more about your followers here. Net followers. When your page follows happened. Who your likes are. How many likes you have.

You can dig into reach a little bit more granularly here on the side. Paid reach versus organic reach. That’s going to include your ads, and that’s why I said ad reach as well. You can look at your daily data and break that down by number of different dates.

You can do page views, page previews, actions on page post. Events, if you’re doing any events. Videos and how many minutes of video has been viewed. Your stories, if you’re utilizing stories. And then messages, anybody that messages your page, things like that, is really helpful.

Take a look at those insights, utilize those in order to grow your firm more smartly, deploy your Facebook advertising efforts or social media efforts in general.

Thank you all for watching and happy marketing.


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