2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Setting Up A Call Now Button For Your Facebook Page

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2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Setting Up A Call Now Button For Your Facebook Page

Hey everybody, Jeromy here with another two minute legal marketing tip.

Today, want to just quick run through how to set up a button on your Facebook page.

Button, really underutilized. I don’t see a lot of law firms utilizing it and it’s a really, really awesome little tool for anybody that’s visiting your page or trying to learn more about your business. You can add what is a button.

When you’re in the admin view of your page, you go right over here to add a button, click add a button, and you can do different things. You can set up bookings, you can set up contacts through messages, learn more about the business, shop with you, download your app, play the game.

What I really like to do is, obviously, since my firm focuses on call now ads, or click to call ads, is, I do this call now button. I’m just going to click that call now button. I’m going to go ahead and then put in my phone number. Now, if you want to get really fancy with this, what you can do is you can sign up for a service like call rail, and you can do a tracking phone number in there and see exactly how many people are coming from that.

I’m just going to click next on this call now. I’m going to add my phone number and just pop that in there real quick and then we’re going to hit save. We’re going to hit save. We’re going to hit finish. Now, anytime somebody comes to my page and they click that call now, whether on mobile or desktop even, the phone number will pop up and they can just call the business right away. I can connect with them and we can have a real conversation. Do business a little old school, which I actually kind of like.

Definitely learn about this call to action button on your page. Utilize it. Definitely some free real estate that you can be utilizing today.

Thank you all for watching and happy marketing everybody.


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