2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Setting Up The Facebook Page For Your Law Firm

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2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Setting Up The Facebook Page For Your Law Firm

Hey, everybody. Jeremy from FirmFuel here today going to to through how to properly set up a Facebook page for a law firm today. So, setting up a Facebook page can be a little bit intimidating for folks. There’s a lot of options, and knowing which to choose, and what the correct way to go about things is a little bit difficult to understand sometimes. So, we’re just gonna walk through this step by step. If you’re a lawyer, an attorney, and you wanna set up a Facebook page for your practice, very, very important to do it correctly. And so, that’s what we’re gonna work on today.

So, in the left hand column over here, as you can see I’m on my personal Facebook profile, you’re gonna click “Pages.” And up here at the top right you’ll see “Create Page.” So, we’re gonna create that page now. And so, it’s gonna give you the option of business or brand when you’re creating a Facebook page for your law firm. Or community, or public figure. You are a business or brand. And so, we’re gonna just call this, “Law Firm.”

And we’re going to … so if you look, they’ll actually have even subcategories of lawyers. So, definitely look and add in your specific focus area. So, you can do the “Lawyer and Law Firm General,” but, “Criminal Lawyer,” “Personal Injury Lawyer,” etc. is gonna be a little bit more specific and help people find your business a little bit better.

So, we’re gonna put in some details here. [inaudible 00:01:47] pull that out, and then … right. So, and then you can choose whether or not to show your address. I would encourage you to show your address. That’s gonna be great for your local SEO efforts. But yeah, just putting some basic details. And you continue.

They’re gonna ask you to add a profile picture. I highly reccomend that you do that. I’m not gonna do that now. Gonna hit, “Skip,” at the moment. And then a cover photo, also highly reccomend you do that. Gonna hit, “Skip,” and then in a later episode, I’m gonna go ahead and go into how to properly optimize this page.

But, that is how you create a page for your law firm. You know, like I said, extremely important for SEO, extremely important for social media marketing, extremely important just as general trust signals. A lot of people end up looking to see do you have a Facebook page, are you active, things like that, in order to build trust with potential new clients before they ever even pick up the phone or walk through the front door. So, definitely something to take a look at and utilize to grow your firm, grow your business. So, thank you all for watching. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and happy marketing, everybody.


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