2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Inviting people to like your Facebook page

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2 Minute Lawyer Marketing Tips: Inviting people to like your Facebook page

Hey everybody, Jeromy from FirmFuel here today with our daily two minute a lawyer marketing tip. I know a lot of you are on Facebook and we’ll get into another day how to properly set up a Facebook page, but one thing that I see that a lot of people don’t necessarily take advantage of is they make posts and then people like those posts, but they don’t actually end up liking their page, or they’ll run ads and people will like their ads and they won’t necessarily end up liking their page. So really quick, simple tip on how to get more likes for your page utilizing people that are already engage with some of your content.

I’m on my FirmFuel page here, pretty new page. I’m just going to run you through how to do this. If you go to notifications, you’re going to see down here things like, ran an ad a while back just as kind of a test. If I click on the ad, it’s going to take me into a new tab and then it’s going to show me all these people that liked the page. If I click this, there’s this little button that says invite and if I hit invite there, what will end up happening is these people are then invited to like the page. They’ll get a little notification and many of them will end up actually liking the page.

Great easy way to grow your audience without spending any additional money. This works just as well on organic posts and things like that. Wonderful page like I said to … Wonderful way like is said to grow your page, grow your audience and give some more credibility to your firm. Thank you all for watching this lawyer marketing tip everybody and happy marketing.


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