The FirmFuel Process

How We Do Things

At FirmFuel you will always be assigned your own dedicated team who are experts in your area of law to help grow your firm and make your marketing a success as quickly as possible. In addition, while every attorney and law firm we work with is unique, we find things tend to follow a pretty similar path for what you can expect in terms of timeline and expectations.

Our Process

Weeks 1-2

Step 1: Foundations of Success

We gather data. Conduct a new client interview with you. Create ads. Create audience targets. Setup tools. Get ads ready to deploy.
Weeks 3-6

Step 2: Discovering Your Audience

We move quickly to test assumptions in regards to audience, creative, and platform. We use real-time data to rapidly iterate on what’s working, and Eeliminate what isn’t.
Weeks 6-12

Step 3: Scaling

We focus on efficiency and driving down costs while maximizing volume. Get more granular with highest value ad targets and creative. The goal is to find consistency and reduce costs while increasing volume.
Weeks 12+

Step 4: Optimization and Diversification

Continue to expand on our success while hedging our best by exploring, testing, and growing into new click to call channels.

Who's a Right Fit

You Probably Are A Good Fit If...

  • You're Looking For A Long Term Relationship
  • You Value Simplicity And Effectiveness Over Flash And Complexity
  • You Enjoy Talking On The Phone To Potential New Clients
  • You Need To Move Quickly On Bringing In New Clients For Your Firm
  • Your Values Align Closely With Ours

You Probably Aren't A Good Fit If...

  • You're looking for "hacks" or "blackhat tactics"
  • You want someone to do everything for you like run your social media, build a website, etc.
  • You want someone to boss around as opposed to a relationship of equals collaborating with one another.


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